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Buy Staplers and Punchers in Dubai

Office supplies stores offer a comprehensive range of staplers and punchers to cater to the needs of businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. From basic handheld staplers to heavy-duty electric punchers, these stores ensure a wide variety to suit different requirements.

A desktop stapler can handle only up to 70-75 pages at a time. However, a heavy duty stapler can bind more than 100 pages at a time. We also have a compact stapler which is from SAX and also have the paper capacity of 30, 45, 20, 100, 210, 70.We Also have the staple removal with a pack of 6, we also have the stapler pins which comes in a pack of 10 come a pack of 20, 1000 pins together and lots more. The Stapler remover comes in black, silver, and any assorted colours from black grey and lot more.A puncher capable of handling multiple sheets at once. If you need a 1, 2, 3 or 4-hole punch, we have it for you.We have all the major brands, which include Atlas, Deli, FIS, Kangaro, Leitz, Novus, Rapid, Eagle and lot more.

Start purchasing from FetchOffice the staplers and punchers at amazing cost with better quality.