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Buy Rulers Online in Dubai

A ruler is the perfect tool for taking quick measurements at home or at your office. There are various number of rulers which comes in steel, plastic, which bends, square shaped,from our website which is at an amazing quality.

Types of Rulers:

Steel rulers

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these rulers ensure accurate measurements for all your projects, whether you're in engineering, architecture, or design.

Transparent plastic rulers

Experience clarity and convenience with our selection of transparent plastic rulers. This is easy to carry an lightweight where it can be fitted in both pencil boxes when it is up to 15 centimetre and the long one which is around 30 centimetre can fit in the bags which can be carried by the students easily.

Square Ruler

Made from high-quality materials, our square rulers ensure reliable performance and durability in various applications. Whether you're squaring off corners or checking angles, trust our square rulers to deliver consistent results for your projects.

we offer materials such as wooden, metal, plastic rulers. They are also available in various designs, such as transparent, clear, white and assorted colors. You can find all the leading brands in UAE, such as Deli, FIS, Faber Castell etc.