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Buy Paper Trimmers & Cutters in Dubai

FetchOffice deals with different types of trimmer and cutter. We have multipurpose cutter, rotary cutter, utility knife, mini cutter and lot more.

The rotary cutter helps to guard the cutting blade. They provide precise cuts and are suitable for trimming photos, paper crafts, and other delicate materials. Multi-purpose trimmers combine features of different types of paper trimmers and cutters into one versatile tool.

A mini cutterMini cutters are compact handheld cutting tools designed for smaller cutting tasks and portability. Plastic laminate blades typically have a sharp edge specifically optimized for cutting through the tough outer layer of laminate without chipping or splintering the material.

A heavy-duty cutter is a robust cutting tool designed to handle tough and demanding cutting tasks, typically involving thick materials or high-volume cutting operations.

Guillotine Paper Cutters have a long blade mounted on a hinge, which is brought down to cut through the paper. They're suitable for cutting large stacks of paper at once.

Paper trimmers and Cutters are available in different colors.We have all the leading brands in UAE such as Deli, Partner, FIS, Fellowes, Avery etc.