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Buy Board Accessories Online in Dubai

Board accessories like push pins, whiteboard erasrer, magnet, flipchart pad, marker tray etc. are essential items used to enhance the functionality and organization of various types of boards, including whiteboards, bulletin boards, and presentation boards.

Erasers come in various forms, including handheld erasers, eraser sprays, and magnetic erasers, providing convenient options for erasing both dry erase and wet erase markers. Magnets are useful for attaching papers, documents, and other lightweight items to magnetic boards. Board organizers, such as trays are designed to hold markers, erasers, and other accessories within easy reach of the board.

Push pins used to attach papers, notes, photos, and other items to bulletin boards, cork boards, or fabric boards. Push pins come in a variety of colors. A flipchart stand is a sturdy, adjustable stand designed to hold a flipchart pad securely in place during presentations or meetings.

For our customers in UAE, we provide board accessories from the leading manufacturers such as FIS, Legamaster,3M,Rexel and Magneto plans.