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Buy Cleaning Tools & Machines Online in Dubai

Mops & Brooms:

Tackle dirt and grime effortlessly with our selection of Mops & Brooms in Dubai. From sturdy brooms for sweeping away debris to versatile mops for efficient floor cleaning, we offer a variety of tools to make your cleaning routine a breeze. Keep your floors looking pristine with our high-quality mops and brooms designed for durability and effectiveness.


Get into every nook and cranny with our assortment of Brushes in Dubai. Whether you're scrubbing stubborn stains or detailing hard-to-reach areas, our brushes offer precise cleaning power and ergonomic designs for comfortable use. From scrub brushes for tough messes to delicate brushes for gentle cleaning, we have the perfect tools to meet your cleaning needs.

Scrubs & Sponges:

Achieve a thorough clean with our Scrubs & Sponges in Dubai. Our scrubbers and sponges are specially designed to lift away dirt and grime from various surfaces, leaving them spotless and shining. With durable materials and efficient designs, our scrubs and sponges ensure effective cleaning results with minimal effort.

Cleaning Gloves:

Protect your hands while you clean with our range of Cleaning Gloves in Dubai. Made from high-quality materials, our gloves provide a barrier against chemicals and germs, keeping your hands safe and comfortable during cleaning tasks. Whether you're handling harsh cleaning agents or dealing with sensitive surfaces, our gloves offer the perfect combination of protection and dexterity.

Dusters & Dustpans:

Banish dust and debris with our selection of Dusters & Dustpans in Dubai. Our dusters attract and trap dust particles, while our dustpans make cleanup quick and easy. With ergonomic handles and efficient designs, our dusters and dustpans help you maintain a tidy environment with minimal effort.

Cleaning Cloths:

Wipe away messes with ease using our Cleaning Cloths in Dubai. Our cloths are made from absorbent materials that effortlessly lift away dirt and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Whether you're polishing surfaces or wiping down countertops, our cleaning cloths deliver superior performance and durability.

Cleaning Equipment:

Equip yourself with the tools you need for efficient cleaning with our Cleaning Equipment in Dubai. From vacuum cleaners to steam cleaners, we offer a wide range of equipment to tackle every cleaning task effectively. Invest in quality cleaning equipment and streamline your cleaning routine for a healthier, happier environment.