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Shop Clipboards Online in Dubai

Clipboards are indispensable tools for both school and office environments. Designed to provide a sturdy writing surface and secure hold for important documents, clipboards offer a seamless blend of functionality and style.To meet your specific, individual needs, clipboards are now available at FetchOffice in several varieties of sizes and styles. The types of clipboard we offer includes

Jumbo Clipboard:

Our jumbo clipboards in Dubai are the ideal solution. With ample room to accommodate large sheets of paper or multiple documents, these clipboards ensure your important papers stay organized and secure, whether you're in the office, at school, or on the go.

Single Clipboard:

Compact yet versatile, our single clipboards in Dubai are a must-have for anyone needing a portable solution for holding individual documents or forms. Lightweight and durable, these clipboards are perfect for meetings, interviews, or fieldwork, keeping your papers neatly in place wherever you go.

Double Clipboard:

Stay organized and efficient with our double clipboards in Dubai. Featuring dual clips, these clipboards allow you to secure two sets of documents or forms simultaneously, making them ideal for multitasking professionals or busy students who need to manage multiple tasks at once.

Acrylic Clipboard:

Made from transparent acrylic material, these clipboards provide a contemporary twist on the classic design while offering durability and functionality. Perfect for showcasing your documents or artwork while keeping them securely clipped in place.

At FetchOffice customers can explore a wide range of clipboard models in various colors, including blue, black, light blue, green,brown, maroon, red and more.Each clipboard is available in various sizes such as F/S, A4, and A5 etc.We provide Clipboards from leading manufacturers such as Deli, FIS, Foldex.