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Buy Files & Folders Online in Dubai

We have several types of files & folders from which you can choose from:

Box Files:

Keep your documents safe and secure with our sturdy Box Files in Dubai. Perfect for storing and transporting large volumes of paperwork, our box files offer durability and convenience. Whether you're archiving important documents or organizing project files, our box files ensure easy access and protection for your valuable paperwork.

Hanging Files:

Maximize your storage space and simplify document retrieval with our Hanging Files in Dubai. Designed to fit seamlessly into filing cabinets or storage boxes, our hanging files offer a convenient solution for organizing your paperwork. With sturdy hooks and reinforced edges, our hanging files provide reliable support and durability for your files.

Expanding Files:

Stay organized on the go with our Expanding Files in Dubai. Ideal for keeping your documents sorted and accessible, our expanding files feature multiple pockets and tabs for easy organization. Whether you're attending meetings or working remotely, our expanding files offer flexibility and convenience for storing your important paperwork.

Ring Binders:

Customize your filing system with our versatile Ring Binders in Dubai. Perfect for organizing and presenting your documents, our ring binders feature durable rings and customizable covers for a professional look. Whether you're creating training manuals or compiling reports, our ring binders offer a practical and stylish solution for keeping your paperwork organized.


Stay organized and focused with our Dividers in Dubai. Designed to separate and categorize your documents, our dividers offer easy navigation and quick access to important information. Whether you're dividing sections within a binder or organizing files in a drawer, our dividers provide a clear and efficient way to keep your paperwork organized.

Presentation Folders:

Make a lasting impression with our Presentation Folders in Dubai. Whether you're attending meetings or presenting proposals, our presentation folders offer a professional and polished way to showcase your documents. With pockets and business card slots for added convenience, our presentation folders ensure your materials are presented in style.

L-Shape & Square Folders:

Organize your documents with precision using our L-Shape & Square Folders in Dubai. Perfect for storing loose papers or protecting important documents, our folders offer a secure and professional solution. Whether you prefer the classic L-shape design or the sleek square format, our folders provide versatility and durability for all your filing needs.

General File Folders:

Streamline your filing system with our General File Folders in Dubai. From basic manila folders to colorful options for color-coding, our file folders offer a simple and effective way to organize your paperwork. Whether you're sorting invoices, contracts, or correspondence, our file folders provide a reliable solution for keeping your office clutter-free.